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Just cleaned and polished and parked my 172 in the garage as im leaving for heathrow at 7.00 and then catching a 13 hour flight to Bangkok. Im staying for 3 days before another flight to Ko samui where ill be staying there for 10 days. see you later guys/gurls
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Nice! I went to Bangkok last year with the g/f. Nice place but beware of dodgy fcukers! We were warned that weirdos might plant drugs on us!

Have fun!

Koh samui!!
i went there for my end of colledge celebration!!
10 days too!

Goaat go to the reggae pub (best place on the island) and green mango ( best house/dance).

Also, eat lots of Red SNapper as youll never get it as good again.

oh, and if you rent a suzuki jeep, be careful. mate rolled one!!

where abouts are you staying?

Chewang beach?

if you do, go to munchies hotel at the very south of the beach, they have the best food (hence munchies!!!)

I know youll have agreat time!