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Serious help needed asap anyone!

I need help any one. I am 17 today! and i cant get insured on my car its a nightmare.
With me alloys Declared on a 1.2RN ive had:

So far ive been quoted my best quote of 1200 from Liv n Vic but as much as that is really really cheap, they wont allow me to pay via monthly installments as i am 17, and i need to be 18! Obv i cant afford to pay it all in one go..

Can n e 1 suggest any company that will let me pay monthly and give a competetive price, tried all insurers in Thomson Local, but noone can help.

Does n e 1 have the number for CIS Co-operative, or HIC or elephant because i heard they are good? Suggest sum numbers plz people.


CIS are very cheap for small engined and young drivers, but wont allow you to pay monthly till your 17 either. Try asking your parents if they will set up the monthly payments on there card and setup a direct debit to there from yours to there account. Thats what i had to do when i was 17


elephent are good. Best three from my experience are Liverpool Victoria, CIS and Elephant.

Only thing is being 17 im sure that you cant pay in installments with any company as it is effectivly finance and is normally arranged with a finance company through the insurance and you have to be 18 to take out finance. If that makes sence:confused:



  Audi TT Stronic

tesco were the best for me, and if you do it over the net you get 5% off .. or so they claim.

I found Adrian flux really good for perfomance or highly modded cars as most insurers give that little tut when you tell them of your mods before telling you the massive increase premium where as Adrian Flux aint like this. For a 1.2 RN then places like CIS will probably be the cheapest.


Know how you feel ClioRacerX11, i was 17 when i got my new model 1.2 Extreme. I went with Directline, easily the cheapest though Liverpool & Victoria are close. I had to get a Dad loan to pay it all off in one load and i pay him back monthly (£2600). Good luck.