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Serv and Airbag lights on.

  Clio mk2 1.5dci 2004
Hi all,
New member here.
I've read through the posts on here relating to this common problem, but I'm a bit stuck.
About 8 months ago my Serv and Airbag lights would come on intermittently without any pattern to the fault,
Now they are on all they time.
I've connected my OBD scanner but it shows no fault codes even though it does read D codes.
I've seen about removing the grey connector and joining the wires under the passenger seat but a previous owner has already done this.
If I disconnect the seat belt pre-tensioner plugs, my scanner see's the problem and shows the fault codes also if I disconnect the side seat airbags ( Black connector plugs under seats).
When I get my scanner to read the airbag module line impedance's it show's

Line 1...........2.6 Ω
Line 2 ..........2.6 Ω I've read on this forum the lines 1 & 2 is the drivers airbag

Line 3...........2.8 Ω
Line 4...........2.8 Ω Apparently these 2 lines are for the passenger airbag

Line 5...........2.8 Ω
Line 6...........2.6 Ω On my Clio these are the driver and passenger seat belt pre-tensioners. When I disconnect them they show fault codes and 7.9 Ω resistance.

Line 7...........7.9 Ω ??????????
Line 8...........7.9 Ω ???????????

Line 9...........2.8 Ω
line 10..........3.0 Ω On my Clio if I disconnect the black connector under the passenger seat then it reads 7.9 Ω and I get the fault code for the passenger seat side airbag, so I presume that line 9 would be the drivers seat side airbag if I disconnected the black connector block.

Line 11 & 12 both show -0.1 Ω ????? I'm wondering if they are not being used on my car ? or I have something open circuit ?

So my question really is ....... what are connected to line 7 & 8 as they seem to have to high a resistance (same resistance as if I disconnect one of the other airbags)
The only thing I can imagine after watching a youtube video is that maybe line 7 & 8 are going to the sensors in the door sill.
Any help appreciated.