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airbag light

  1. Blagmeister

    Clio 182 ABS and airbag lights permanently on - Renault wants a small fortune

    Hi all First-time poster. I've had a Clio 182 for years now. Fault lights on a Renault happen but my regular mechanic has always sorted them - until now. Now the airbag and traction control lights are on permanently. I've tested it and the ABS definitely isn't working - locked up - don't...
  2. C

    Serv and Airbag lights on.

    Hi all, New member here. I've read through the posts on here relating to this common problem, but I'm a bit stuck. About 8 months ago my Serv and Airbag lights would come on intermittently without any pattern to the fault, Now they are on all they time. I've connected my OBD scanner but it shows...
  3. GrahamV182

    What's a 'clock wheel' (air bag content)

    My air bag light came on this morning..... which is strange as all airbags have been removed and replaced with resistors. I looked at the steering wheel resistors this afternoon - all looked ok. Tomorrow I'm going to look at the seat / side impact wiring and check the resistors there...
  4. S

    service light and aribag light on due to crash (airbags didnt deploy) help needed!

    hi guys, i had a crash in april this year which didnt delpoy the airbags. however as a result the service light and airbag light both came on. How do i get these lights to go off? i know i can remove the bulbs which i will do if its a simple job and the bulbs arent a pain in the arse to get out...
  5. R

    Resistor needed to turn off airbag light?

    Hello. I'm currently driving my modified 2005 Clio Dynamique S 1.6, which has had the back seats removed. I was told by the previous owner that the air bag light is in because there were seatbelt pre-tensioners in the rear, and because they have been removed, I'll need to a resistor so...