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Service Light on this morning

Any ideas why? It was -5 degrees this morning over here and Im hoping thats why coz the car was frozen for the first time? Help!
  Subaru WRX

I had It happen to mine a while ago when it was a bit low on oil, topped it up and it hasnt come on since.


Happened to me, drove home with no problems though. Phoned renault, they said restart it and if it happens again bring it in. They said its usual, a slight electrical glitch. Once restarted it didnt come on, had no problems since (3 months ago)


  Audi TT Stronic

actually I meant Windows in general

I run a linux box where possible, unforutantly my main server is Windows 2000 cause it has to stream windows media video files.

but my other boxes are linux, even my home machine is dual boot linux/XP (XP being for games)
  Silver Fabia vRS

I agree! I used to run Linux/Unix/2K at home but now just stick to XP as I basically cant be bothered with all of them! I run our Citrix/2k/Active Directory Domain, and apart from the odd problems with Citrix, it runs really well...surprisingly!
  Silver Fabia vRS

I dont mind 2000 or XP, they have always been stable for me. 98 is still the most stable ever, ME was just a bag of sh*te!