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service question help please!!!

hi guys mine is coming up to getting a good anual servicing and need some advise?

i am going to buy the parts seperate then get a garage to do fit the lot

anyway what is needed my car has done 54k and is 5 years old so it is due the cambelt change ...are all the parts needed for this 120 from renault?

need an oil filter
no air filter as putting itg panel in
really good oil - how much is needed by the way?
maybe an oil additive to reduce tapet forte the thing to use?

do i need to change anything else in service like fuel filter? spark plugs leads etc etc want to give it a good one so any advice would be greatly appreciated

cheers guys thanks again prices and links would be great
clidge said:
how much does it cost to change all the airbags and pretensioners from renault? cheers
Chanage them for what?
If the pretensions have gone off you should replace the airbag computer which is £350 although there places who can apparently fix the old ones.