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she's finally finished!

  V6 Exige, GTR R35
after all the ups and downs ive finally got the car more or less how i want her.....

added a couple of more samco's the other day and i really dont think theres much else i can do now.

just a few of pics.
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  tiTTy & SV650
excellent, good to see you're happy with it again.

You gonna get a GDI sticker to compliment the Hill Power one?!

  Lionel Richie
no i was refering to the inside of the disc, it looks like the pads don't act on the inside (say 15mm) of the disc???
  V6 Exige, GTR R35
This is probs my fav ph1, you have to love it :approve: so glad you've got it on the road lad, didnt know you had coilovers though, how long they been on?


alright mate,

coilovers have been on about 18 month now, were one of the first things i had done.... could probably go a little lower!
that is wicked - nice 1 stoddie - really tasteful mods and after a load of hassle Im really glad you got it all sorted and it ended up being so good. real all rounder - looks good, is quick, engine bay sorted, handles well, probably sounds goog etc etc - top job!