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Shotgun needed (Bird Sh*t)


ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
The flying rats have covered my car in sh*t over the night and today first thing was to get the stuff washed off ASAP but with the sun debating down on the car and it being a very hot day i think the sh*t has won.

Now at some point the car is going for a 2 day detail with the following -

Paint thickness report
Full decontamination
Tar removal
Clay bar
Full paint correction
Refining Polishing stages
Premium wax
All plastics dressed
Wheels sealed
Windows sealed

But I'm in two minds if i should get the front end painted (Bonnet, Wings & Bumper) as there is some stone chips and it would also get the bird sh*t out for good.


I found a finger print on my rear quarter.

It's now in for a full body Re-spray.

You know what they say, the better something is the more you look after it...
MarcR I'd not bother buddy, stone chips can be easily touched in and polished up at the same time as it going in for its detail. The bird etchings will come out no issue, so that'd by my route.
  Clio 172
Best way, clearly ruined.

Someone once put a roof rack on their car, that was almost equally as written-off

f**k. Wouldn't like to think what would happen if they put a bike on it... Must have been a laughing stock on the road! Bloody ruined!


ClioSport Club Member
  Too Many
The reason for the respray is more or less the stone chips on the bumper but if I'm doing the bumper i may aswell get the bonnet done also as that has a couple of big chips in it.

Its not a case of i have a small sparrow sh*t on my bonnet so the whole car is getting done.
  Clio Trophy
i would love to get mine resprayed, it looks ruined after 100K :p would never see the costs back though
  Renault Clio 172 Ph2
Literally a crapper isn't it… Got back from glastonbury last week to find a bird had don't an acid sh*t on my bonnet and the paint had just peeled upwards… about a 5cm patch of it! Bonnet needs a respray now :(
  Cayman S Edition 1
I remember when I had my trophy, exactly same thing happened. The paint on those buggers is so soft!