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Show me your speaker systems! And Alternator question


ClioSport Club Member
Hi Guys!

I have a lot of kit that is going to be going in my car

6 tweeters
6 mids (125w rms each)
2 mid bass (150w rms each)
2 Kicker L7 15
Pioneer DEH X9600BT
Audison Bit Ten D or Rockford 3SIXTY3

RMS wise this will be running around 2000rms (wiring the kickers in 4ohm with a 1400w rms amp, certified and tested!)

My concern is my alternator, there seems to be no beefy upgrade to the mk2 clio 1.2 stock alt (I have a dynamique with all extras)

I love SPL but SQ takes the cake for me so this setup will be geared towards SQ (Kickers are overkill but I bought them and want to use em)

I dont want my car to have any ECU problems or power problems any advice seriously appreciated!