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Sick or what

Took Squirt to the bodyshop today to get the front grill colour coded & was standing there while the bloke checked for chips etc on his silly clipboard. He says " Large dent on front bonnet" I says " Fap off, silly man" He says "No look" I look, pass out in a puddle of my own urine. There is a massive crease/dent in the bonnet!! Looks like someone dropped something on it. So a £400 job turned into a £800 job. Not fappin happy. Still be done for Southend though. Rollox.

Might sound a bit sad but car is only 5 months old & I am just getting him looking gorgeous so a top paint job is the only way to go. Also the money I saved importing makes up for the repair I suppose...

you can get a new bonnet from a scrappy and get it painted for less than 800 quid, or if you lucky you probably get the same colour as yours


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If I were you Squirt I would get a second opinion, that sounds rather expensive.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Filling and sanding is a harder job than you might imagine.

£800 sound extortionate for that work...

As I wrote £800 is for the lot, colour coding, meshing & the repair to the front valance & the dent in the bonnet, I think that is pretty cool. Did shop around & most were around that mark. If the car was a minger then I would get a cheapo repair but he aint. xx

Just collected the car & it looks cracking, well chuffed & it worked out cheaper than I first thought. Only problem is they put the mesh in wrong way up!! Get that fixed soon. Going in the garage Saturday for a nasty noise, sounds like heat shield to me? Anyone else had this?? Passenger sideish...
P.S Chavy, can you bring your camera to Southend to take some piccys for the gallery please? Cheers matey x
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

I had to have my last cars passenger door resprayed sanded and filled plus the rear bumper sanded and sprayed (reversed into concreet post). Cost me £45, they matched the paint perfectly, car was two years old at the time, could not tell it had been done.

£800 is an awful lot of money no matter how good the final result is, glad squirts nose job was a success.
  Fiesta TDCI

I had problems with a vibrating in the dash, it turned out to be the heat shield, it only took them 15 days and 2 new dashboards to find the fault.

Anyway it is back again at about 4000rpm, back to Renault yet again!!

Just got back from dealer, they claimed they could not hear it but put it on the ramps anyway. I went out & had a look & the rear shiled was rubbing on the exhaust, they moved it away but still got slight vibration, more reason to turn up the Alpine I spose!!