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Silvatecs Fitted... Awesome Thread ;)

Just fitted my Silvatecs, another chance to pimp my Clio.

I never thought i would see such an improvment from the front of the car, but i have to say - looks good :)

As for the back, its not really noticeable.

Great mod at £2.99 a set, would recomend it to anyone now.

And my poor attempt at beading... haha

Will take some proper pics when i find the charger for my camera, thats anoying me :(
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makes a big difference.. where u get em for that price from ?
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Lolz @ pimping your clio.

Jay-Z and P Diddy are after it for their next videos, IIRC.

As for the beading, get a coat of polish and a couple of coats of wax; It'll bead up a treat.
Pimping my clio as in picture whoring, not in that context Budgie.

Got them from the bay, quick search for 'silvatecs' ;) and they are there. Have to pay £1.50 postage tho.

Beading is awfull, just thought the picture was cool - it does have a coat of polish on there, however - never waxxed it - might have to look into it.