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Silver 172 Darlington

  Damage repaired
Just heading from the A66 towards top of Haughton Road at around 1pm today..NU51 TVT or something similar...:cool:
  14' Leon Cupra 280
i keep seeing blue 172 on carmel road on a morning and then today an 04 artic blue 182, looked nice...
  Damage repaired
I use Carmel road a lot and drive a Monaco Blue 172FF.Whereabouts are you in Darlo?
i see loads but to lazy to post up :rasp:

but... saw a silver 182 in morrisons (morton park) last week and took a photo :)


it has a big beefy sterring lock on lol and dont mind my 1.2 still not complete :eek:
  14' Leon Cupra 280
On Mowden, so i'm always trying to turn right onto Carmel Road from Nunnery Lane and you usually drive past from blackwell way
  Damage repaired
It could be me.Have a mate who lives off Nunnery Lane.I travel round Darlo a quite a lot(during the day mostly)and have only seen 2 sports so far.
  Damage repaired
No private plate mate...Mines start NK04...Private plate is getting transfered from the Audi soon though.