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Silver 172 Leeds 5:10pm Thu 29th

  AG 200
Driving up past the back of the light in the city center heading towards the Merrion Center. I was parked up in a bay (indicating to come out) in a AG 200.
It sounded meaty , anyone on here. This was at about 5:10pm.
  White Evo V
Not me but you must have the first AG clio in Leeds? I havnt even seen a 200 on the road, never mind an AG one! Havnt even seen the AG in the stealers!!!!

Il look out for you!
  AG 200
Ill keep a look out for you too, dont go showing me up with the supercharger though. Bet it dont half shift mate.
Everyone stares at the car , not everyones cup of tea mind, never seem to get spotted though by any forum members on here or The few RS's Ive flashed around Leeds look at me like Ive just pi$$ed on their kids.
Had more luck when I had a black 197, maybe the green screams "n0b" so they dont flash back. If I see an RS I flash, its just the way it is.;)
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