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Silver 182 - Central M'tway - Newcastle

  A slow one :-(
Spotted a Silver 182 on the central M'rway 4 up on the way home fron the football.

Had a Cliosport sticker in the bottom left window.

Enjoy the football :rolleyes:
  Clio 182
It was me, im happy now to be spotted lol. I wasnt happy after the match though, was very pee'd off.

Were you at the game Eddie?
  A slow one :-(
Yeah I was, got a season ticket. I was in the old mans A4...

Football was shocking and for some reason I'm going to put myself through the torture of going to the football on Thursday...
  Clio 182
Yeah ive got a season ticket also, was an awful second half. Il be there Thursday aswell, just hope i dont come away feeling the way I did last night after the game
  A slow one :-(
I was thinking about just junking my ticket for thursdays game but I may as well go I guess.

Got a feeling we'll get tonked though.
  A slow one :-(
The list could go on and on mate but whats the point in junking Roeder... who will replace him. We'll just be in exactly the same position as we were 6 months ago.

I'm a bit pissed off that Roeder didn't make more of an impact in the transfer window. But he inherrited a defensively poor team imo and we've just been unlucky with Owen getting injurred.

I would like to see us taken over just to get rid of Fat Feddie... there is enough pressure on the managers to perform without the pressure of him. He gives the managers support until the second he's had enough and then he just snaps. Must be like walking the plank blindfolded.