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Silver 182 Northbourne....Bournemouth

alreeeet mate i saw u this time and u didnt see me...comin up to redhill roundabout...u were goin towards castlelane and i was headin towards northbourne round about!!!! :D :D
  A Beautiful R32
What time was this? It was probably me ClioHead!!!

Darren I have been zipping around that area a bit recently ;)

However I have seen a carbon copy of mine roaming the streets...

Actually, thinking about it, I keep seeing a red 106 Gti, and every time I see I think that's lovely, want one of those...
it was about was you u had a sticker in the back window... vip up top on... grey ish kinda colour...and glasses...hehe...STALKER... :D

if u wanna seee pics of me car look in the "clio" section...sooo u no wat to look out for :D
yeeeeeee......thats call...theres a few ppl from around the B'mouth area off here..would be goood..ill leave it in ur hands :D goood man!
There's 2 silver 182 with cup packs going about the area. One driven by an elderly man in his 70's, the other driven by a younger chap.

I bet you're envious of that younger guy hey Davey? ;) :rasp:
  Black S2 106 Rallye LHD
My red GTi would be seen between CorfeMullen and Poole inthe mornings and evenings...

I saw the Bmth meet thread but as I'm not a full member I cannot reply.
My friend Mark_s and I both currently own pocket rockets and aspire to Clio ownership :)
  A Beautiful R32
No worries bud.... you're more than welcome if we ever actually get round to meeting!! :rolleyes:

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a red 106 Gti then... ;)