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Silver Ph1

  phase 1 clio 172
I bought my phase 1 a couple of months ago, ive never owed a renault before but the idea of a 172 had always appealed to me. I kept my eye out and this example cropped up for sale.

My other half is using it as an occasional daily to work (when its raining) but generally its classed as a toy

Theres a 'to do' list and a 'wish list' ive got to work through:

MOT at the end of the month and then a steering wheel retrim, new stereo, new fog light on the drivers side.

Its currently lowered on apex springs and has a stainless system with a hidden backbox. I bought it with smoked rear lights and swapped them out for all reds pretty much staright away, i like the overall oem look of it and the paint is great, apart from replacing the current number plates, it'll pretty mchsaty as it is externally

Coilovers and some other performance bits will come in time but for now im just enjoying driving it, its nice to jump into after driving a passat all week.





Ph1 = Winning mate ;)

Have to say though that looks in lovely condition, just needs some clear side repeaters and clean plates and it will be even better.