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Silvervisions or LED's?

  Clio 197
You'd have to get load resistors for leds. Cos the indicator works on the bulbs goin out for the timing (or something like that). Not sure exactly but it's summat along those lines. That why they flash fast when a bulb is gone.
  Mk3 clio 1.5
LED bulbs are shocking for lights, there only bright at certain angles if your looking side on you can barely see them, silver visions all the way.
  Clio 197
My LEDs are bright in my sidelights.


ClioSport Club Member
f**king hell, they are bright for sidelights. I've LED quite a lot of lights on mine, best so far are the CREE LED reversing lights. Headlights in reverse.
  306 GTI-6
I always thought an smd was just a type of led anyway? Its a diode, it emits light. The SM bit just indicates its surface mounted does it not?
  172 sport
I've got the 8smd 501 in my car currently they look good as well as being bright
Pic of my black 172 before i changed to the Monaco

  Clio RS200 FF
Personally I hate the look of the Osram Diadem bulbs, that opal type effect they have just doesn't look right and you can still see a touch of orange in certain lights. Check your local motor factors and see what they have as the one near me stocks unbranded silver indicator bulbs for £2.98 a pair. I've had them in a few cars with no issues at all.