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Silvervisions (pics)

  Illiad V6 255

Cool ... youre not hanging about ... very impressed.

Where did you get the Silvervisions from and exactly which ones are they? Looking very good so maybe I should do the Vee!

Should be top of everybodies list IMO

Andy D - theyre easy to get a hold of just make sure you get offset pin bulbs for a renault

got them from some dude on here... and he got them from Smokey.

they are the proper Philips Silvervisions and cost me £10 inc.

PM Smokey, i heard hes getting more in stock soon.

(if the Vees anything like the 172.... you wont have skin on your hands afterwards, its bloody tight down there!)

  tiTTy & SV650

so whats the craic, is it bluevisions people use for the sidelights? To try and match up better with the xenons?

I suppose I should change mine...