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Skoda Octavia RS

Well, finally I came up against one tonight. I was getting ready for a close encounter, as people with Williams/16v Clios have posted about being beaten by them. To be honest, it wasnt actually as quick as I expected - especially off the mark. Definitely was a real one - I should know: my dads company car is one!

It was the perfect conditions for me though - warmed up Yokos, in the dry, with cold evening air and smooth roads. Really gave it some off the lights and controlled all wheelspin to get the instant advantage.

Curiously, the Octavia RS is not 4WD - whereas some of the lesser 1.8 Turbo (150bhp) variants are. I guess theyre more "country" than performance orientated anyway. If the RS had 4WD then it would have had me on the standing starts.


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Ben are you still up in Edinburgh? Did you like it up here, or werent you here long enough to find out properly?
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Ben, the difference is your car is 171 bhp??? Not exactly a standard Valver then mate is it!!!

Theres not much in it between a standard valver and the RS - but the RS will pull away steadily. If your car has got 170 bhp, then i should think you would piss all over it!


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Yeah, those Octavia RSs arent as quick as youd expect!

They need more power, but that aint difficult with that engine and Im surprised they aint done a really quick one yet?!

Im sure they will, anyhow the 1.8T lump is very chip friendly 230ish Bhp easily obtainable, enough to give most cars a problem - so watch out..........

Ben H if your das company car is an Octavia RS surely you should know everything about them? Has he never taken you out in it then or compared your car with his!!!!! ?

Well, Ive been in it plenty, but he prefers his Volvo 960 3.0 24v estate. He doesnt really like the Octavia RS as much as you cant get auto on it. He wanted the auto 1.8 T Octavia, but it costs more than the RS and has worse Co2 (which as we all know is important for company drivers).

My dad is far more of a cruiser than a racer anyway - Ive obviously got my mums blood! Having said that, Ive driven at 56mph to and from Bristol from Cardiff for the past few days - and dont take the bate for a race. So theres plenty of my dad in me too!

GR: Im back in Wales now. Edinburgh was fantastic, but the girls are way better looking down South!
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My Dads got one - but its not a company car, as he pulled out of the scheme and bought it for himself.

The guy who runs the Skoda garage has ordered a new RS in Black (same as my Dads) but with a Special performance exhaust (factort fitted) and the 225 BHP Chip, also tinted windows - hes going to lend it to my Dad, so hes going to see how much better it is and then probably get the exhaust for his, and get it chipped.

I actually got him some number plates made, with a slogan at the bottom saying


It makes people smile at the lights anyway, when theyre behind!