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Slight buckle in one of my alloys...advise...

Got back from having two new PE2s fitted, and the mechanic informs me that the offside front alloy has a slight buckle in it.

He said it was not disastrous, or really bad, but he did recommend that I look into it.

Ive forked out quite a lot on this car this week, and I really dont want to spend any more! But how bad would leaving this untreated be? Im assuming the buckle would just cause the tyre to wear slightly unevenly?

If I look into it, how much roughly to straighten it?
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It will cause both your tyres to wear, and you will most likely get a nice shaky steering wheel when travelling at motorways speeds.
But the weird thing is, until yesterday when I was told about it, I wouldnt have ever guessed. There's still no wheel wobble or anything that feels abnormal.

Thats why im in a pickle about what to do!


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If your wheels buckled then i'd suspect some sort of damage from an earlier impact . The mechanic , as you call him should really have told you it's not safe to drive imo not recommend you " look into it " :eek:

If i was you , first i'd visually check the wheel myself for any signs of damage then i'd seek a second opinion from another tyre fitting place .
I don't think it is that bad at all. The guy did say it should be pretty easy to 'fix'. I rang an alloy repair place this morning, and they said it would be about £50 to fix.

You could see the buckle when it was on the balancing machine, but it didnt look really bad. Although, it does raise questions as to how it got buckled!! There's no evidence anywhere else of any damage from a crash etc.

Stupid question, but how else could you buckle an alloy, apart from a collision?