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slight drop in coolant ; worry time ?

I have noticed that every couple of months i can fill up lets say 4cm in the expansion tank/reservoir , you think it's using coolant ? (headgasket?) :dapprove::(

Can't seem to spot a leak either..
A mates done this kept losing water and couldn't see where from filled it up and then never done it again. Very weird lol!
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check your thermostat housing for white/greeny powder had this on my last 172, its only a seal, otherwise get the system pressure tested.
  '06 MK3 Clio 1.4L
Might wanna check the waterpump also, just incase its on its way out, as thats exactly what happened with my dCi, would lose water at random times and sometimes it wouldnt lose a drop, then all of a sudden it was constantly losing which resulted in a damaged waterpump...

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Very rare for a 172/182 to do a headgasket.

Check everywhere else imo.
^^ thanks all !

Now that we're talking about it; whenever i pick up the car from the garage, where it stands still most of the week , i have seen a small drop of fluid on the ground but that never had my attention because it is really just a drop / very tiny tiny bit.

It always seemed like a drop of gearbox-sweat to me but it must be the coolant then. I'll put my finger in it next time and have a taste :coffee:

good to hear about the headgasket not being a known problem !