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Slow 172

  CTR EK9 turbo

Hey there. I noticed a while back and forgot to post my findings on here: these were that after monkeying around with the pipes on my airbox and detaching/reattaching etc and finally attaching again I found that my car felt very sluggish/unresponsive and pretty slow :( As you can imagine, many things were going through my mind and i was very annoyed. I promptly checked the pipes and discovered that id put the wheel arch feed into the top hole and the front bumper feed into the lower hole in the airbox! doing this had squeezed both pipes so that hardly any air could get through to the airbox, let alone the engine! no wonder it was behaving like a Lada (4-speed). Now i have squashed-pipes that im constantly squeezing to make em round again. So if your car feels slow, check them there pipes and make sure theyre not squashed! its such a tight squeeze in the engine bay and they are easily not seen as they both kinda wrap around each other.....

Interesting. Ill bear that in mind when the time comes to feck about with it!

You were spot on about the rev limiter, by the way. It goes well into the red area now, once REALLY warm. Thanks!

yeah, we get alot of that in teh service centre, try push teh ends don a bt, it shouldnt fold anymore then.