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Slow turnover

  Clio track car
Hi , I have now come to the point on my project to try and start the engine. (16 valve 7fp engine) I have a fully charged battery , connected this tried to start the engine but it turns over really slow even with jump leads on , I removed the plugs tried again and without the jump leads it spins the engine over easily, Tried with plugs back in and slow to turn over , Any suggestions from anyone will be appreciated , David.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
In my (limited) experience, you need to check the following;

Starter motor wires. These are very old engines now, there’s every chance the wires are corroded inside. My 2007 car just had to have two new cables because the wires were corroded and it was very lazy to start.

Starter motor itself. Do you have another/spare one you can try?

Has the engine been rebuilt lately? Pistons/cylinder bores machined? Too tight tolerances can have this effect.
  Clio track car
New starter motor and new battery, will check earth wire tomorrow , it’s a few years since the engine has run but been turned over regularly.