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Smaller Aerial

  White Sti Hatch
Ph2 chopped is what you want.

  1.2 Dynamique
I chopped mine down as im too cheap to buy any other, personally dont like beesting aerial
I have a mk2ph1. Found a 206 aerial is a direct fit and looks OEM! much shorter than the ridiculous telephone pole that was the old aerial.


  Inferno 182 + cup packs
I've got one (don't laugh) off a 2002 Vauxhall Combi van. Direct fit and looks pretty good.
  2001 1.2 Dynamique
Chopped mine, and the receptions cack now! Oops.

O h well, just another thing to buy at the end of the month. Rarely use the radio to be honest. USB Hard drives are the way forward :D