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Smart TV and streaming from PC.


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane R.S. CUP IV
OK - have a little issue that I am sure a few of you might know the answer to, after all - it is CS!

OK... I have a Billion 7600N router with 2 x PCs, 40" TV and SkyBox Ethernet'd to it.

In the kitchen we have a 22" Samsung Smart TV that is on wireless. The channel is set up for the lowest interference available.

The Issue.

The problem I am having is when watching something via DNLA (PC to TV) it'll randomly drop. Loses network connection and requires a toss about (TV off and back on). It's annoying.

BUT - watching iPlayer or YouTube videos, it's solid - doesn't drop at all. The only thing I can think of is iPlayer and alike are buffering and the streaming isn't... am I on the right tracks folks?

Lots of horror stories out there at how poor the Wi-Fi unit in the TVs are so is there a plug in alternative that's lots more up to the job if indeed it is the daft WiFi unit?

Cheers in advance folks.
You sure it looses connection?! A quick test with a cable will illustrate if its a wireless issue or if your DLNA server is being silly.

For instance I use Plex, via WiFi, on Sony TV I use DLNA and its great. Even with 8GB files, when streaming 3D its pants. This is due to the data being transmitted is limited by the wireless capacity/bandwidth.

So, iPlayer and YouTube could be less bandwidth to your local stuff hence not cutting out...