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Snooper S4 Problem I think

  BMW 328 Ci

Like a few other people on here I brought an S4 when they were cheap. But I dont think mine is working properly. In the manaul it says it can take as little as 3mins to connect, but doesnt show a maximum time. Mine seems to be taking ages, it took 30 mins the other day so I moved it closer to the windscreen on the suction cup as before it was slights boxed in. When I tested it twice connected in about 3 mins, but today again in the 2 short journeys it had not connected in 10 mins.

Does this sound faulty to everyone else?
  CLIOpatra, L22EE W™

Mine seems to be fine. Bought mine wen they were cheap with Works a treat everytime I connect it up. But dont like the coiled wire, it gets on my nerves! :mad: