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Solid engine mount.

  AAS'D RB 182
My 182 has a solid engine mount on. It came with the car and although it looks really good i do wonder if i actually benefit anything from it? I dont track the car and it doesn't have the solid gearbox mount so all i seem to gain is some vibration!!! Haha. Not been in one with a standard mount so cant really compare but just wondered if it would make sense to replace with a new standard item and sell this on? Any advice would be great cheers?
  330i. E30 Touring.
If you're driving it on the road, get it swapped for standard and make yourself some money back.
  330i. E30 Touring.
Also. Might well have an uprated gearbox one, you just can't see it unless you remove the battery.
  AAS'D RB 182
If you go on ktec site it looks just like the rs race engine mount but my base plate isnt red its polished silver. Dont no if that helps as to solid or upgraded??


ClioSport Club Member
I wouldn't remove it if I were you. Absolutely hated my 182 without them. The second 182 I had had both engine, gearbox and polybush dogbone. Was sooo much nicer. No rubbish lurching.
  AAS'D RB 182
Here you go Craig

was flat silver but been polished up.
cheers Adam, don't no why i couldn't do it stupid phone, had a look for any paperwork or receipt tonight but no joy. Pretty sure he said it was a vibra technics tho.

Does anyone no how much a new standard one is if i decide to sell this on? If there expensive might as well just keep it as it does look good and just put up with the bit of vibration it causes