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Some help on Lowering

I was wondering, if any of you guys know anything about SIMONI RACING LOWERING SPRINGS.

I have a Titanium 172 from 2001. I used to have one before, but i crashed it and bought another one exactly the same.

On my old one, i had a Pirma racing -35Front -45Rear lowering kit.

On the new one i installed an alleged Simoni racing -40Front - 40Rear Lowering kit.

The kit lowered the car for about -15-20mm on the front, but it actualy rised the rear with about 15mm.

After a day or so, the rear droped back to the original hight, like i never lowered it.

The car looks now very funny, and iam very disapointed.

I was wondering if any of you had any experience with Simoni Lowering kits.

10x !!!