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Some more of the cup!

  Ollie's Silver Cup
With the winter weather it was looking a bit of a state, so I went out in the cold this morning and gave the cup a much needed clean! :D

As the weather stayed dry earlier this afternoon too, I thought I'd take the opportunity to grab some photos too! :)












ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Mint! What you done to the pics? Refined them in someway?
  Ollie's Silver Cup
Cheers for the comments :approve:

Photos have had a slight adjustment to the curve and been sharpened; taken on an Olympus E510 :)

When I cleaned the car this morning I had a small bit of paint flake off the drivers side rear wheel :( I knew they needed something doing when I bought the car, as the rears were showing signs of corrosion; so they'll be having a refurb soon :)
  Ollie's Silver Cup
Thanks for all the comments! :D

looking good matey. aint never seen you around though im from braunstone so not too far from you.

I haven't had the car too long; couple of months now maybe :)

looks cool,what products did you use.

Megs gold shampoo only this time. It's in need of some wax, as it's only been done once since I bought it and then the weather turned awful! :dapprove:

Wasn't fun cleaning it in the cold; didn't fancy staying out any longer to polish and wax lol

Very nice......Is your splitter new? If not what lacquer you using?

It's new, only been on the car a couple of weeks. Can't really see from these photos, but it's a k-tec carbon one :)
  172 cup
I have exactly the same one on my silver cup too, only after seeing those pics will definitely be giving it some tlc!