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some pics of my mk3 turbo

  vauxhall corsa vxr
1st broken down on motorway

a car show




seeing how much clearance i had from my driveway
  E30 318iS x2
Fantastic job dude!

I love this colour and wheel combo! How do you get the side strips and rear numper strips off? Fancy coding mine just haven't bothered looking into it yet :)

Rear lights look wicked.
  vauxhall corsa vxr
its 45mm h&r springs

rear number strips and easy just get something sharp in the gap and prize the clips out becarful with paint, side strips- when you open your door you will see a black gromet on the begining of the door take that off and you will see a screw take that out, unclip your side rep, and slide the strip out same for the other side

thanks for comments


ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST225, Focus E
whats the power like on these 1.2 turbo's?

thinking about putting one of these motors in my car :D
  vauxhall corsa vxr
its really nippy and noise from the turbo is nice, plus in liverpool im yet to see a car in this colour


ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST225, Focus E
its the same motor thats in the twingo aint it, they like 100bhp?
also likeing the colour :)
  vauxhall corsa vxr
thanks for comments, somethin happend to the injectors all sorted now thou and yeah it does have some audi runnin lights on there but they are comin off soon as getin new headlights
  Slow red one
Nice! I actually have a space set of front bumpers colour coded but never fitted em cause I didnt wanna go OTT with the coding but think it looks good on yours. maybe i'll look in to it soon after seeing yours.
Sports grill next?