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some RB Love - new pics of my 200

  RB 200
First chance i've had In a few weeks to get the car washed, and its stayed nice enough to get a bit of polish on there too before it rained before :/

also, took the ''CLIO'' badge off the back & i think it looks much better!

heres some pics.. with 3 others from the other week too .. :rasp:

  200 sport
I have one in red and some gimp hit it with a golf ball resulting in an insurance job on the tailgate. I'm taking the Clio badge of as well but I'm also changing the Renault emblems with black ones. I think they really tie in with the satin speedlines and the front spoiler and rear diffuser. I'm getting the windows done as well. I like the red but if I had the choice I would go with the blue. It looks really good with the black.
Ps I've got the recaros
  RB 200
Matt.. . Can't do recaros... Get problems with my back so I had to sacrifice those.. it just doesn't agree, it wouldn't be fun if I spent all my time moaning about it :(:(:( Don't care though, those seats still look nice and keep me in...

Only plans I have;
Stuck a panel filter in
get some black RS centre caps
buying a RS tuner

possibly get a exhaust

Dont want to mess about too much