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Sony NGP - Next Gen Portable

  Never above 25mpg

Looks good though I won't be getting one!


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OMGz... Maybe time to replace the old PSP ;)
Does look mint tbf, it would be good to see one in action first! I always use my PSP to play Football Manager when im lounging around.

EDIT: Just read that it has GPS. Does that mean you can use it as a satnav without having to buy that add-on?
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looks good but yet again the anolouge stick on the left is below the d pad needs to be above, everything is better with the stick than d pad
Touch screen front and back PLUS analogue sticks. This has a lot of potential for some very interesting player interface ideas.


Sony Memory Twig

Joking aside i've heard this thing can perform onlive style gaming with a PS3 as the host.

Like a slingbox but with games.
  Dirty E91
Sony will almost certainly come up with a proprietary card for the games, and give it a stupid name. No?

I think they've wised up after the UMD and Memory gate thing? Cheaper to use an already established medium than to create something new.

It's all changed at the top at Sony and I think the new guys are a bit more open minded than the old guard.
Piracy could be a concern though? Remember those bespoke DVDs that the Nintendo Gamecube used? Pretty much immune to piracy AFAIR. SD hardly seems the best starting point.
  Dirty E91
Your right (but you knew that, right?;))

PSP2 games won't be download-only
The rumour mill predicted download-only games, but while the NGP does indeed support downloadable games the device introduces yet another new format, "a small flash memory based card dedicated for NGP software titles". What Sony has said is that the games will be "PS3 quality" - quite some achievement if it pans out.
Piracy killed the PSP, developers understandably had no interest in making games for it as it turned out like a pc game i.e 25 sales, 3 million players;)

Sony will have to think very carefully to avoid this.