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Sony PSP

  Golf GTi Mk1
Hello People,
Thinking of getting a PSP, but been reading up on them and i'm a little confused!!
Am i right in thinking the Japanese Version is the best 1 to get Version 1.5?
Any help on PSP's will be much appriciated!
Ben :)
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
Don't go out looking for a 1.5 or you will end up paying over the odds.

Most PSP's can now be downgraded to a 1.5 anyway, so don't worry about the firmware revision.

you should be aware that newer PSP's come with a TA-082 motherboard which cannot be downgraded, but even this can utilise an "e-loader" which will allow you to run emulated games (snes, megadrive, etc) on your psp without needing a 1.50 firmware.
  mk5 VDUB polo
i'm selling mine if you're interested. hardly use it really as is why, and no its never really been used either. been thinking about it for a while just thought i'd see if you're interested! PM me if so
  Golf GTD
you can get a modchip for them now i do believe which means you dont have to do anymore downgrading