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sound advice

  E87 118i

hope this hasnt been covered already.

Im toying with the idea of ditching my 10" sub (lightning audio Bolt) which is (obviously) amped by a 75w x 2 amp (also a LA Bolt). the front components run (really quite nicely) off the sony HU. (again also LA Bolt)

If I get rid of the sub and amp the front comps and just have the rear oem speakers for some fill - how will it sound?

Im sure the comps will be great amped but will I miss the bass ?

  Chocolate Bar™

thats a similar setup to what i will be running when i finally get round to sorting my stereo out.

should sound nice in my opinion. it just depends on how you like to listen to your music.
  172 M69 eater

iv gone off the

"thud thud thud"


i have ampd 6x9s int he back and components in the front... i like the way it sounds :D

a smaller sub is perfect as it creates a less obvious bass tone, but again, ICE is all preference as opposed to singular statements