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South East Meet 19th January. Please vote for location

Please choose your preferred meet location.

  • Ian’s unit in Witham

    Votes: 14 77.8%
  • North Weald airfield

    Votes: 4 22.2%

  • Total voters


ClioSport Admin
I’ve finally managed to find a Saturday that I can attend a meet.

We usually meet at North Weald airfield but @rs 1an has kindly offered to host the meet at his detailing unit in Witham.

It’s a great location and very quiet at weekend so loads of room for everyone to get parked up. And I’m sure Ian wouldn’t mind if you want to give your car a quick wash.

It’s a little further than we usually go but it’s still not very far and doesn’t take long to get there down the A12.

Alternatively we can go back to North Weald but I think it would be nice to try a different venue.

I’ll put it to the vote so please take a second to click on your choice.
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  500bhp Scoob
I'll try and get to this one, replacing the engine in the Scoob this week so if everything is finished it'll give me a good chance to put some running in mileage on the new one ?