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southend drive home m40

Who was on the M40 junctions 6 to 9 at 2.30 this morning in a silver mk 2 172 probably coming back from Southend

Could possibly be myself but didnt see a V6 on the M40 - was very wet though. My reg is * 70NY * which would be easily recognised.

Oops, just noticed the junctions - wouldnt have been me as i live in west london and wouldnt have gone that far.

Neil mate,

I lost you coming out the carpark, i saw you pulling off but didnt see where you went from the roundabout.
Pulled into the shell garage for some fuel and spoke to nick read but he didnt know either so i just decided to make my own way home but i bumped into ben h.


and it sounds like you didnt go slow. did you have fun??? i did i was with about 5 old shape 16vs fred in the 12 16v and the silver 172