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Southend last night

Well, what can I say. Nice turn out. Nick and a few others were right, fast car seem to be a bunch of freeloading wan!!rs. Only going to venues where they can get something out of it. Still, who needs them ?. All credit to all that showed up last night, you are all what make our club so great, nice one all. Well done.


hi all it was good to c u all again and it was good to see some new people Welcome to the family

RW, I promise not to make any more remarks about ure little willy that u like at the rear !!!!!

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Big thanks to you Bill for organising this one, its quite fun not having to sort it out myself; I could get used to this!

Dont worry about FC wussing out - they were probably at home in front of the telly with a can of lager as usual. The main reason for the meet was really just for everyone to have our usual get-together and I had a great time. Also got the chance to speak to a lot more people this time as well. I think it made things a lot easier getting down there nice and early, no real problems getting everyone there to the spot near the casino and once everyone was settled, you get a good chance to wander around and talk shop. Plus it was still light when we arrived.

I think a 6 oclock start was better all round. Cheers to everyone who came along!
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Yeah cheers guys had a wicked nite bit tired though will have to come to the next 1 though.

Cheers Pete
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good meet, pity i had to turn up in the high rider i did park far away though
Still trying to put usernames to faces... as usual

soory i came late
but you guys missed all the action down basildon after

think i i saw rob there but no one else went. is was some real fast and furious sh*t. Evo racing scoobies. supra twin turbo doing its fair share of racing. it was mental

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Hey Bill.

I was impressed with the meet. Nice one mate.

Nice to meet all you guys who I did meet, although I wouldnt have a clue wht your usernames are!

Yeah top night and well worth a long trip for anybody considering a future meet! Glyns car with its leather/alcantara craziness has got me thinking...

wrongy it werent you who was racing that supra. was it. I was in down there with glen and a blue 16v took on a white supra. As soon as they ran the cops turn up and everyone else ran

Yo Wongy, you should have gave me and Glenn a call!! we was down Basildon too!!! agreed... just like (if not better) then fast & furious!

That supra you saw doing the mad donuts (the white one) was owned by a guy of "22"yrs of age!!! (apparently he is a part pharmacist.. nudge nudge so no more!!) anyway, he cracked open the bonnet!! 2 of the biggest turbos ive ever seen in my life!! recons he spent a total of 27,000k in mods!!! he went on to say a set of tyres only last him 6 weeks (no wonder with the way he was driving) and that it eats pads like hot dinners!!

We was talking to him, let us have sit down in the motor and everything!

Did you see the bloke on the surpa bike almost kill himself driving into the Evo!?! NUTTER

To be fair, it was defiantly a puka ending to a top meet!

Bill thanks for sorting out such a wicked meet, prob the best yet!!

P.S thanks again for the 50p Bill, (bloody parking wardens!!) saved me from a £30 fine! sort you out when i next C YA.

Was a top night had by all!
...well all except one of my mates who had his roof keyed from one end to the other whilst parked up at Southend!!

I would also like to say a big BIG thankyou to the guys at BBPT for bringing along the clio turbo after my invitation!! Much appreciated!

And yeah me and Rob and Jamie and Ivan went to Basildon for some after southend action!

Big respect also to BenH (for having the mintest valver ive seen!) and Pete for making the effort to come from afar!! Top dedication guys!!
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Sorry I did make the meet guys and the misses took me out for a birthday meal, but managed to pop down around 11:30. Met up with Glenn, Rockport and Rob then headed of down to Basildon.

Youg guys have got to go there after the meet. It was Fast & Furious style, I am suprised though there wasnt any accidents with the amount of illegal races going on.

What a good night and what a good spot that we managed to get. I think we all managed to have a good chat and discus some new ideas that we plan to do.

Also does anyone know how to post pics cos I took some of us lined up and would like to post them.


wicked motor, loved the sound system and MP3player!!!

if you get a chance, fancy posting some URLs where you download your music from!! u had some really good stuff!




ClioSport Admin
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I enjoyed myself Sat night. It was good to meet and speak to a few new people as well!
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Wicked meet Nice to meet a few peeps there. Will post pics later. Oh and thanks for the lift back from Mc Ds

yeah cheers guys, it was good to meet a few of you guys, still well gutted about that damn key mark down the length of my car, it looks even worse in the light, f**king little b*stards, if i ever find out who that bloody was!!

Ian H, your car got done aswell? this happend to one of Glenns mates with the red nova parked up with the our valvers... where did you park? what one was yours? how deep is it?

i cant believe it.. ive been out and looked at mine, seems fine! anyone else get keyed?

do they not have CCTV where we was parked?

shame i always miss the early action but beleive me southend aint a touch on basildon, it was mental.think everyone just goes basildon when the police close up the strip

rockport and glenn did not see you but i did see rob in his sweet looking RT,
anyway yes mate i saw all the action. i was in the first car park where my mate had a few races and all the sh*tters were racing each other. then everyone left for no reason and went to the 2nd carpark. where the action really hotted up. it was so fast and furious just like out of the movies, saw the supra doing the wicked burnouts then the racing began which was even really was wicked watching the evo take on the scooby but i cant beleive it lost twice. the guy must not be able to drive or something. did you guys see that nova. i will think twice racing a nova again and that thing looked seriously quik and was keeping up with the evo.scooby and the cav turbo, i could notr beleive it when he said it was std and he even showed me. std 1600 engine and no gas in sight. the valver was not mine but he did well against the supra think he only lost after say 40-50 mph or the boys in the big boyz cars cant really drive , it was soo stoopid when the biker dude almost crashed into the supra, shame the police turned up. ill def be there again next week and if my valver is fixed i may do a few races too


Ian H, sorry to hear about that mate, you would not expect it to happen at a meet really with people of similar interest but some people are just fuelled by jealousy ! So sad !

rockport, with regards to MP3s, just download a P2P programme like Kazaa and you can get ANY MP3 you ever want ! Download it at and install it and all you have to do is search for the songs you want, it is so easy !

Could you email me any pics/info about your back bumper (in particular)/bodykit pleeeeeeease!!
Hope you get your scratch sorted soon!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Wongy didnt see you at the first car park mate either.

Must say though that little R/C car that Rockport has flew. He mangaged to get it cornering on three wheels. Should have out it up against the lads in their motors and cained them !

G, I did not realise that, I thought I read somewhere that implied that it was done at the meet, my bad !

Just out of curiosity, if you were caught street racing as described, what would happen ? Is it a case of a ticket or something more serious ?

You did read it as implied - thats why i thought i should clear it up! Dont want people scared to turn up to the meets!

As for street racing at basildon and the consequences of being caught...i dunno!!
Technically its not "street-racing" as its not on the roads, more on car parks - which are private property!? So its a bit of a grey one!

The worst weve had happen at a Basildon meet was a while ago (in the first car park last night where there is only one entrance/exit!) - the fuzz showed up and parked their car across the entrance/exit so we were blocked in!!
They then made everyone line up in their cars and went around checkin everyones cars and documents!!!
We were near the back of a big queue and were waiting for about 45minutes till we got out!!
Luckily i had all my docs in my car cos id got tax a few days earlier!! One of my mates got a producer for not having his insurance details with him!!

I was driving around Swansea the other day and there is a new Tesco which has just been built with a huge car park, the cops did exactly the same thing to all of the cars in there, they must have been there ages !

Wrongy thanks for the sweet RT comment. Yea that valver did very well but from what I was told about the supra he would have been taking it easy as he said the brakes cant handle the power. Was going to take mine in. Yea b****ks to that maybe once the turbo is in. hehe


you sound like a nutter! i dont think id like to put my valver down that strip unless someone paid me... novas and fiestas pulling out all over the place!! all you could hear was peoples wheels locking up, smoke coming from everywhere!

Daipac thanks for the tip mate, i already have a 15gig Mp3 collection courtesy of Direct Connect.. its just gazzer had some real good house stuff, all new...

im up for next week if anyone else is, for thoese that havent been, you have to see it to believe it!!

Ivan, glad you liked my nitro T-MAXX it is a class toy for £500 quid! glad i only paid £60 for it! here is the offical site for it ""

it looks a lot bigger in real life as you know.... its a shame i couldnt really open it up, it comes complete with 4 gears!! the only RC car with gears i think... you should see it off-road!