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Southend this Saturday

  BMW 320d Sport

Be nice to see you again Lou. Bring the Willy!!!! No-one will notice you if you come in the Fez, theyre so common up and down the seafront!

Nick - if Mat Brown is running 14.7 sec 1/4 miles, then surely yours isnt the fastest in the UK (I feel a shootout coming on!).
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Hmm, ur tempting me to bring the Willy!!! Is it gonna get laughed at with a steel wheel though? as I cant really afford a tyre at the mo...


Is that ur real plate or a show plate?


You would be real easy to find at Saaf end with that

I mite be down in the evening, im out to the cinema first in chelmsford but will probably pop down b4 12.

C u guys there

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Looks like the Clio is winning

Andy... I wish!!!!! Id love to have it, but would be ££££££
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Right, today I went into town and got shafted for 4 new tyres, so Ill b there without the steely
  BMW 320d Sport

Ben - look closely and it says fastest 16v, not fastest Clio. Mats is now a 2.0 so it holds the 2.0/Williams record. Watch this space though. The overall Clio title will be mine...all mine.

Ahhhh...I see Mr Read...we have vays of making you go faster...How about the oil slick maker option? Or the exhaust tailpipe guns? Just in case that swine Mat Brown has the cheek to try and overtake??!

In that case, it makes me feel better about a duel that myself and Mat had the other week. As you know, mines still a 1.8.

We pulled side by side at 70 and accelerated from that speed upwards twice. I beat him both times on the initial acceleration, but he claims he was in a lower gear!! (though he did have a passenger). But as soon as we were up to 90+ hed just pull like a train, just when I started running out of puff!

Ill be in Lous car....... the clio, not the fez, and as for the fez not getting any looks at the sea front you couldnt be further from the truth!!!! Me and Lou got more looks in that than any other car ive been in down there lol