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Cool Night Out.. Shame about the weather.

Met Rob, The Torsion Tuning Guys and a couple of others.

Whered everyone else go?! We were all together, but then we parked up on the seafront and never saw you again

Anyway, Took me 3hours 20mins to get home.

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What a cool night !! 35 CLIOS in one big car park |!! Well until we moved on and all got seperated !!
Shame about the weather, ruining a great night !!

Nice to meet people who ya speak to and hear about their cars !!
Well done to the guys who faced a long drive from Scotland and dave and matt !!

Awesome mix of cars including 2 V6s and good number of Williams, Valvers, RTS, 172S AND A UNDERCOVER COURTESY CAR.

Love it !! Cant wait until the next one !!

Nice one to the boys who organised it !!



Brun, Nottingham.

3 hours 20 mins werent bad... Took me about 20mins to drop my mate off, so about 3 hours to get home...

Maybe you guys should all come up here sometime.



ClioSport Admin
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It was a great turnout. A big thanks to all who came, sorry I didnt get to speak to everyone, Im never sure whos driving some of the cars and who the passengers are, so am a bit hesitant to just speak to everyone

There was 38 clios in the photo lineup, but about 42 turned up in total over the night. Amazing.


Would have been better if you got your 6oclock and 3oclock the right way round!
I ended up looking at a bloke!!!


Well, I was in the 5 door blue clio. I was following the Torsion Tuning GTT Clio after you got moved, and I had a mk2 172 behind me with someone filming the trek down to the seafront. Dunno who was that was.


I thought a meeting was where people chatted to each other? If it wasnt for Geoff & Ivan talking to me I think I would have fapped off from the pub! Seemed to be a bit clicky to me, I kept walking up to people & thier cars but no offer of a conversation was forthcoming. I tried in the pub to chat to someone & in the car park but.......
I was hoping to get some interest in the Bailey header tank, as they wanna know whether to put them in production or not. I love Clios as much as the next person and was really looking forward to yesterday. Whatever.

Oh dear. Sorry to hear that.

Id give it another go next time because I certainly had a good time and hadnt met anyone apart from Nick Read before.

I got to meet Rob, which was one of my main reasons for going down - Wanted to see his Bodykit, wheels etc...

Oh, and the Clio GTT was way cool - looking at that conversion in the future (vrrooooooooom, tissssssh)

Waited on Seafront with a couple of clios waiting for everyone else to come down... ended up driving round then eventually parked up next to Rob again and spoke to John (night.icon) and a couple of others.

Good Night out for me, got to see some nice motors, including some Ive seen featured in mags... Oh, and the Fiesta from the McDonalds Advert.

Shame I didnt meet everyone else... maybe next time, um, when you come up North a bit. *hint*


Do you think maybe it is because I am a girl that people think I wont have a clue about cars? I have been working in the car industry for 15 years starting at Ripspeed to the Mini shop then Halfords & helping at R-Tech so I know a fair bit, was hoping to share some knowledge!! Not having a go just offering an opinion.

hehe, if you get everyone to come up to the Nottingham area for a meet, Ill speak to you!

Ill speak to anyone.


I did noticed what u mean it was my first time at a met too. I introduced myself to Jas, Nick and spoke to james. Also someone in a flame red 172. If I would have noticed I would have said hi to u. I was in a green rt with a terimator kit

Squirt 172 ,

I felt the same way on my 1st meet, next one be sure to come talk to me and my wife who were there last night in the standard Willy2. Its a little strange meeting ppl you only virtually talk to in real life. Please dont feel disheartened next one everyone will chat to you, I am sure.

Maybe the fact that you are female was the problem, some guys, me for one wont approach the opposite sex as they wouldnt want you to feel intimidated. Sad I know, but true.

Jaine - Well I am female and was there with my 172 - you could have approached me couldnt you? I had to ask who you were later, although I did notice your car (and the front looks really nice I have to say!) Sorry you didnt enjoy, but you parked up on the seafront on the first tour down there and I never saw you again.
  172 sport,

squirt 172

sorry about that mate i was one that came in & parked next to you and went straight to the pub everyone was hungry and id kept them waiting all afternoon so the food was needed badly wish id had a chat to ya as id like to see the bailey oh well maybe ill come to high beech next time your up there and introduce myself properly thats if i can find it went to that roll up drive down hill once and have never found it since anyway sorry again if i appeard to be rude won,t do it again

  BMW 320d Sport

Thanks to everyone who came along last night - it really was a corker. And to anyone (Squirt included) who didnt get to mingle too much its probably worth doing a local meet first and get to know a couple of people then go down with them to the big ones like at last night at Southend...but sorry if you felt a bit left out, you probably werent the only one.

Well sort something out Squirt anyway. From my point of view I try my best to be around and about at meets but I get so many people who email me about stuff or who I arrange to bump into, as well as probably at least 50 members who I see around the country at different things quite often. So it gets difficult trying to talk to everyone! I usually spend the evening with members coming up to me so dont get time to try and look over every single Clio - which I used to try and do at previous meets!

thats bad

shame i turned up soo late being in the stupid line of work i do to earn some money. otherwise i would not of ignored you. would of loved to see the cutey silver squirt as i get to see a red one all day long and getting bored or red myself. jaine seems to be treating you rather nicely as of late. new wheels a repair job and a totally unique bailey header tank, all the other 172 were probably jealour they did not have a nice new shiny head like yours

catch up next time yeah and dont be put off, shame i could not of met some new faces too really, with me arriving soo late i only really get to talk to those i already know "align=absmiddle>

always a next time im sure


Gotta say bit blown away by all the nice mesages! I feel pretty bad now about the post but it had to be said. Kis, I did look over a couple of times but you were always chatting so I thought I would not interrupt. Will stick my nose in next time promise.
By the way who was the bloke there early when I was in the Black 16v with the black (?) wheels on it?
WONGY - Hello sweetheart xxxxxxxx p.s Squirt says he aint cute but bloody dont mess. xx
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


As you said I talked to you but I make the effort to talk to someone new each time. I meet TONYS this time and also BIGMOOSE and ANDERS and they are all top blokes.

I also see squirt looked at little tasty on Sat, The mesh grill looks ace and the header tank is tops and yes you should have polished it

Must arrange another High Beech meet and get Paranoia up there as well.


squirt thats ok cutey wanna see this mesh of yours. dont pretend to be hard you just cant pull that off. think your as cute as hell last time i saw you

chavy what can i say mate, missed you on saturday and i think you had already left when i got there

oh well think high beech soon yeah

  BMW 320d Sport

I think I accidentally found this so-called High Beach the other day coming back from Cornwall. Turned off the M25 near the Lea reservoirs and found some weird twilight zone with no-one about and long smooth straight roads and no speed cameras. very odd. There were no proper signposts anywhere.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Wongy I am up for High Beech m8 and I might actually get to see you drive your car cause I have only seen it parked up

Ive been to that hill! I thought it was sh*t! But there was a light close by at the time so u could see. My mate said it used to be really good.

You didnt talk to me tho did you!!
Sure will catch up with each other at high beach one sunday.

Told ya didnt i pet. I am shy so i rely on people to talk to me first. Once u get talkin tho you find out that there all nice enough people.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I did for about 20 seconds. You met me in IKEA remember RED 172. I spoke to you on the sea front as we all pulled up waiting to find a place to park before the grassy carpark. BTW Tony ROCKPORT and hopefully Gl3NN X might go out Saturday night down Basildon, you up for it m8 ?

Oh yeah so you did. I know you was the one at Ikea, i do know who you are.
Could be up for it mate, done a car thing sat just gone and got one next weekend tho. So it all depends how loud the pub is calling.


Id be the one with the black 16v with leather! Hope Im not being singled out for ignoring you!

Im only up in Scotland for the summer, so am not a true Scotsman - Im actually from the West.


  Shiny red R32

Ben, by the end of August you will probably be speaking like Billy Connolly!

Have you got one of those tartan bonnets with the ginger hair yet? If so, you could wear it to the next Cliosport meet and everyone, including Squirt, will know who you are!


FAO of the MK2 Silver 172 Driver behind me at Southend.

You guys had just left the car park, and was convoying down to the sea front... I was behind NickR, Rob (Green RT), a Red Valver with White Wheels And the Torsion Tuning Clio GT Turbo... you came from the opposite direction and let me in, infront of you and you followed behind... I looked in my rear view mirror and you were filming us...

Dunno who it was

Well, that bit of film, could you send it me please? Probably a bit of a long shot, but you might remember

I was in a 5 door, Mk1, Phase3 Clio...

My e-mail address is <a target="_blank" href="


Chavey boy
I may just do that then. My mate picks his williams up on sat so will have to see where we go from there.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Tonys youll have to frop us a mail with your mobi number on as I haven;t got it.

<a target="_blank" href="mailto:Chavyboy">