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spare wheel alternative?

  Megane 225+
Just thinking

Plenty of weight reduction talk around at the mo.

Would I notice the difference in ditching my spare form the boot with the jack & tools?

What alternatives do people carry if any?

Or would I miss that extra downforce?!!
  Black/Gold 182
you could go like the 182s and get some inflator foam. Personally I have a 182 and just bought a spare from a scrappy for long journeys
  Black/Gold 182
actually I got a full alloy from a 182 (a write off). It's a bit scuffed but has a decent tyre and was £110 delivered. Don't halfords sell inflator foam?
i think i may go down the inflator foam root as i cudnt get the car jacked up properly to change a wheel at the side of the road anyway so may aswell lose some weight!
  TVR Cerbera
The 172 cup comes with 2 cans of tyre foam, no spare wheel but all the tools to change it with! so i saved some more weight and the jack lives in the shed!
  ex Clio 172 owner :(
I mean mine came with a spare standard alloy. I meant is that the norm rather than a spare steel wheel?


ClioSport Club Member
IMO you will not notice any difference unless you are a racing driver and on the limit all the time?
also if you had a flat on the m-way and you was 300 miles from home would you want to drive all that way at 30mph?
just after i had my 182 i was on the way to a rally in wales and i hit a raised drain and it split the sidewall of my tyre the tyre foam would not fix it and it ruined the whole day had to brought back home by transporter i was lucky i was in a area where i could get a mobile phone signal as well or i would have been walking a long way.
sorry to go on but it is somthing to think about, I always carry a space saver spare in my boot now
  Black/Gold 182
where did you get a space saver from MC? I wanted one but didn't know where to get one to fit hence I went for the full alloy
  Megane Mk4
I've found that its a pain in the ass not having a spare wheel in mine (182 by the way)

The foam that came with the car was crap and, it only seems good if its a nail or similar thats gone through the tyre. If you've got a gash in the tyre thats when you've got problems as the foam just seeps out for the fun of it..

If you want weight reduction, buy a space-saver, but from past experience I'd suggest you dont go without a spare. It's a feckin nightmare :(