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Speaker help

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
I have seem lots of topics on here about fitting new speakers, componants etc and how you have to remove the dash to change the tweeters etc. You all say its worthwhile and the sound quality is brillient afterwards but......

as i am not very technical minded on the speaking front i was woundering if it is possible or is it worth while to just change the normal speakers and leave the tweeters as they are.

Basically i want to know if i can still run the original tweeters if i put new speakers in the doors and back? I will be running them off a decent head unit so power wont be too bad. Will the sound be s**t if i dont change the tweeters and put in componants? I really cant be arsed as i know i will have a nighmare playing about with the dash removing it and will probally end up f**king everything up knowing my luck.

Has anyone else just changed the door and back speakers without the componants and it sounds ok? If you have can you recommend speakers?

  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
You dont have to change the tweeters if you dont feel like taking dash top off, its simply that they are not very good quality and defo need an upgrade.

They are Blaupunkt and have a simple capacitor to block low frequencies, so will work with a door upgrade, however they will not handle high power levels.

Take the dash top off, its very simple, and you will be pleased you did when you see all the dust and muck inside the oem tweeters.....

Dont forget, when/if you replace them you will need to rewire, if you are using a component set with a separate crossover.

Just leave the original wires in place so when you sell the car you can refit the oem components.

GO FOR IT........
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Ok well thats something to think about, i think i might have a look for a threat again detailing how to remove the dash, i cant just imagine not being able to get it back on again thats all lol.

What kind of wire will i need to go to the tweeters?


  98 Sreg Clio RT
You don't need to put them in the stock loctaions, just stick them in the corner of the dash. No need to remove the dash and allows you to play with the positionings more too.
  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
Is there a guide on here of how to take the dash off and change the tweeters?

Here is the link to get to that information.

It really is VERY simple to get the dash top off and surpringly easy to get it back on. One tip, when you have all the screws out, take the dash out the passenger side door and get someone to help you guide it round the steering wheel, you know how easy that marks.

Use the cable that comes with your component speakers.

Its well worth doing it properly as for starters you arent advertising the fact you have decent speakers worth nicking.:cool:
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
In that picture the air bag cover is still left on.

I Swear on mine its all in one and there isnt a gap between the dash and the air bag cover, it will all come off in one.

Does that make sense?
  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
Trust me, its not part of the dash, it is a really good fit.
The airbag and its cover is fixed to the dash structure with 6 machine screws and the alarm modules are mounted under it.
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
Oh right ok if you say so, looks hard to beleive looking at it as there is no gap or cut between it and the dash but i will take your word for it.
  Mk2 172
dont put the tweeters on the top of the dash as they will sound awful and very in your face. to get the best possible sound and a decent sound stage in the front u need to position the tweeter as close to the mid range as possible.