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speaker questions

  Black 172 MK2

ok a cople more questions. people would fit componants in their cars, where abouts do they fit the crossover box? and are the wires in place to run to the tweeters from the crossovers or do i need to lay new wires?

also is it possable to fit 6" comps under the standard grill and is it worth it over the 5"??

cheers, brad
  RenaultSport Clio 172 Mk2

Crossovers boxes can be put either underneath the dash, behind the door cards or under the seats I suppose.

The new tweeters should come with the wire to connect to the new crossover. If its too short then you can always extend it with new wire and bullet connectors (I assume anyway), or you could resolder new longer wire to the tweeter connectors.

IIRC you can fit 6" speakers in the doors with some modification to the speaker hole and a new ring of mdf to allow it to sit higher up so the magnet doesnt foul at the back (Someone will be along to confirm/correct that).
  Dynamique S 138

What tweeters are good and which ones, what size will fit in the original position?
  Polo + Micra

well a set of components should come with 2 mid range speakers and 2 tweeters