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Speaker system

bought a toshiba 37WLT66, so im going to be needing a decent glass stand to put it on, and also a good (but nothing too mad/expensive) speaker system for it

its in my bedroom so for the smaller rear surround sound speakers id need them wall mountable..

is it possible to get decent wireless ones ?!
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Was looking to get the same TV... how have you found it so far? I currently have a Bose Lifestyle system hooked up to my TV, speakers are easily wall mountable, but not cheap...
dixons have just emailed me syaing its out of stock.. arse!

gotta ring back on saturday and hope they have info on when they will be getting more in! :(
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I've got the Sony HTSS1000 AV reciever/speaker set - about £230 got DVD/360/and sky all rigged into it. Plus its got HDMI switching - handy if your TV has only 1 HDMI socket
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Guy said:
dixons have just emailed me syaing its out of stock.. arse!

gotta ring back on saturday and hope they have info on when they will be getting more in! :(

got the 32 inch from here last week, pretty good like. they have the 37 inch in stock if you have not paid for it already.

this speaker system has rear wireless speakers. £263.00

one of the best all in one systems

ordered the 37" through dixons again and its gone further than the last purchase so should be all good :)

what we reckoning to this
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a lot of sonys are funny about copied dvd's but i am sure you would be able to unlock it so you could play multiregion
you got a suggestion then mc??

dont wanna spend more than 250 really (can include ebay bargains of up to 250 for say a rrp 500 quid system)


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you cant beat real hi-fi speakers and amp for quality, some of the more expensive surround all in one things are not bad but really nothing compaired to proper hi-fi stuff.

ive got 2x B&W DM601 S3 fronts (100watts RMS Each!) standing on Atacama Nexus 7 stands and since i dont have surround just a NAD C 320BEE (2x 50Watts RMS) 2ch stereo amp. these speakers are designed to be used in smaller rooms such as bedrooms so still sound fine when right against a wall, you can also wall mount them if you get stands for them. they also pump out funny ammounts of bass, more than most cheap subs ive demo'd.

you would need a 5.1ch amp, 2 fronts, 2 rears and a centre (sub too if you want) my system alone i think rrp is about £500 but i picked it up for about £250 on ebay, their is bargains to be had if you keep you eyes out. best thing to do is build it up as you go instead of just buying a full kit, that way it spreads the cost out and you get a much better system.
mcbunny - the first link works - yamaha system
second link doesnt work direct but im assuming its

''Toshiba SD360E - Dvd Player Hdmi

Ultra slimline DVD Player with HDMI Output, DivX playback and 3D Virtual Surround Sound.

£79.99 ''

we've had two toshiba dvd players before and both been nightmares for copied dvd's :( ??

and its says its not multiregion? can i unluck it?
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yes it can be unlocked via handset

and yeah that was what i was linking too as for copies dunno will be on avforums tho
quick check.. not familiar with TV connections..

DVD to TV via HDMI cable?
DVD -yamaha amp via a digital cable?

where do i connect my ntl box? its only got a scart output..
does that mean the sound will just be normal through the TV??

reading the above..
''The only way of getting audio out of an NTL digibox is to use a Scart lead that has 2xphono leads spurring off from it to take the audio signal to phono inputs of your Home Cinema amp''

only way? im guessing this wont give a true surround sound?
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no it wont have true surround sound but ntl is s**t like that

so yep dvd to tv use hdmi
dvd to amp use optical or copper

or component from dvd to amp and optical or copper for sound then connect the amp via component to the tv also conect xbox to amp via component
ive been reading up on this s**t all day.. lol

and from what i gather if i put the NTL to tv via scart with spurred off phones, it will do a prologic thing to ''imitate'' surround sound? but not give true 5:1

gonna order the yamaha speaker setup now.
stil hunting for a decent DVD player though.... AVforums seem to have mixed opinions on that philips one above so still uming and aring!

then DVD goes to tv via HDMI, and coaxial/optical to the yamaha amp and all should be good.

that will get me ntl in pro logic, and DVD in true surround sound..

but what about the TV's own sound?? like channel 1-4 and free view? does that sound go down to the DVD player, down the optical/coaxial and to the sound system? or do i have to connect the tv by composite to the amp too?
yes mate.. using the NTL.. but the NTL wont be around forever ;) so may have to go to the tosh tuner at somepoint in which case id just connect the TV to the amp instead of the NTL?


ive got on the way (what an expensive week)

Toshiba 37WLT66 (£974)
That yamaha hi fi package (£250)
profigold digital coaxial cable (£12)
glass stand off ebuyer (£65)
profigold HDMI 2m cable (£32)
and gonna go get one of these tomorrow night me thinks! (£70)
along with one of these to connect the NTL (£10)

jees.. i know how to blow money away.. guess that stage 2 is on hold for a couple of months!

DVD player doesnt play DVD+R/RW but the dvd's i get are dvd-r's so shouldnt be too much of a prob.. if i do get a + r i suppose i can play it through my xbox and live without the true 5.1 surround sound as i dont think the original xboxs support that..

cheers mcbunny.. youve just help me spend over £1400 LOL!
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im sure xbox does propper 5.1

ya welcome :p just hope your happy with it lol let us know tho and i may buy the same hehe get rid of my 21" crt at last
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Original xobx does support 5.1 audio you just need to find the right cable for it i got one with an optical connection which i plugged into my amp, amp straight away recognised it as 5.1. just have to make sure you pick the dolby option in the xbox setup.
but surely the one ive ordered will play them through the scart?

or it does have the component phono bits on it in the lead.. wouldnt they be the same??

cant access that link here at work. arse. any chance of trying to insert the pic?

you dont want your xbox through scart tho unless you dont want to use it to play hd games and films ???

tho one i think you should buy has the 3 component cables and an optical jack for 5.1 sound