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Special Thanks To The Clio Sport Team!

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

Id just like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of the team for the great club which they have worked hard to create and maintain. Im looking forward to the new year and after my recent purchase of a MK2 172 i am anxiously looking forward to taking part in some of the meets and track days to come in the new year.

Many thanks,

Best Wishes For The New Year,

Gaz 2130

indeed, Jas and all alther reps, admin, i would like to thank.

I have met , many people on thsi wonderful board and alll of them great people.

I have really enjoyed watching the site blossing from something i found on the net, to an entire community.

Best wishes to the best!

Happy New Yr!


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

Yeah Mat, it does, but Ben is right when he says its for all of the Cliosport team, I know you guys put in a lot of time and effort as well, and it is appreciated by a lot of people. Anyway, Im off for another xmas drink, catch you all later!!! :)
  Abarth Grande Punto

without a doubt the best site on the net!! Happy to advertise it on my car!!! Since Ive been on here i have told my mates and some have even sold their cars for clios just to be a part of the club!!! wicked

Keep it up guys and girls.

Have a good one! ;)