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specialist in cornwall

  clio 172
just wondered if anyone had any suggestions on where in Cornwall to get my dephaser etc done??
not want it done by my usual mechanic after readin some of the stories about it
  Megane 250
We used to be fortunate enough to have Nick at Pure Motorsport, though about a year ago they stopped their workshop/garage side of things to focus full time on parts. Last time I spoke to Nick he recommended trying R&S Motors in Saltash, however I havent needed to use them yet.
  Nil presently.
I'll definitely be observing this thread. I remember Nick from the Quay garage, thoroughly decent bloke and a real loss that he's no longer offering his services (although I'm delighted to hear Pure Motorsport is going from strength to strength). On a separate note, I wonder what happened to his courtesy car (the little micra) after it started boiling its coolant on me in Truro...
  renault clio 172
Sjm quoted me £650 for cambelt kit, dephaser pulley and alternator belt and tensioner thats parts, labour and vat
I asked Millers for a quote on my 197 belts and was shocked at the price. Can't find the actual quote now annoyingly, but it was a fair wack more than Dales.
  Megane 250
Just had the belts done on the Clio and took it to SJM in the end. Dropped it one weekend and picked it up the next. Peace of mind and a fair price even with the fuel taken into account.
  PH2 172
Would you mind pm'ing me what you spent on them being done and fuel?
Need mine done next year and I'm considering making the trip up to SJM for peace of mind