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Speed Trap

  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R

I was on my to Carlisle yesterday, and pulled out of a petrol station in a 30 zone and must have been doing around or close to 40mph. When I realised this I slowed down to closer to 30mph and noticed up ahead a blue police van parked up with an A Team style sliding door on the side with a camera pointing right at me from in the vab and a guy sat behind it. Its a pretty good job I did slow down, through instinct I think, but I reckon from the distance I was away he could have still caught me closer to the 40 limit than when I slowed down to around 32 - 34mph as I approached him. Damn. Does anyone know the jist about these vans? I have a ban which I received 4 years ago in March which comes of my license next March but now it looks as if 3 points may take its place...! :(

Is this one of those Gatso style dont sign the papers and dont get in trouble situations or will I burned like a witch?
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R

Hope so bud, but it had Police written on the side and it was quite scary to say the least watching Jeremy Beadle behind the bloody thing, although I could be mistaken it might not have been Mr. Beadle.
  2005 Nissan Navara

where r u from? im from Carlisle!

was the road busy? if so he may have been focussing on some1 else....
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R

Im from Cleator Moor.

The road wasnt bust at all. I was going into Carlisle from the 60 zone into the 30 zone where the petrol station is on the right hand side. I pulled out and he was on the left where those new houses are. Bloody blue van...thing...stuff.


  182 Arctic Blue

I am ashamed to say I nearly caused a pileup yesterday when i noticed one of these things! I was slowing down for a known gatso (probably doing 55 in a 40 dual carrigeway) when i noticed a van parked immediately opposite the gatso pointing at me and a camera sticking out the back. Instinctively hit the anchors and someone nearly ran into me. My fault I know :mad: but..

Im praying it was a tax disc eader either that or the cheeky buggers were after people for double points lol - once from the van and once from the gatso!. Im expecting a fine & points cos you get a feeling from these things...this was the a24/a232 junction in surrey near epsom

im gonna buy a road angel for sure
  E55, KitCar & '85 Quattro

i shudnt worry,

most camera vans in 30 areas are set at 40mph

thats wot i my friend got told after being caught doing 41!!!!


I had to fly past one of these doing about 85 on a motorway as there was some tw*t in a corsa about 1 foot from my back bumper so if I had hit the brakes he would have gone straight into the back of me was well annoyed about it.