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speedline 2118 tyres ?

  182, 6r GTi
hi guys i would just like to know what tyre sizes people are using on these wheels as im getting a set and thers lots to choose from

thanks steve
  205 GTI, Clio 182
195's are perfect on a clio imo. You must be using crap tyres, or it's all that dust down under ;)

Could be tyre pressures too. I think I have higher expectations as my 205 was on 195's with 910kg, not 1100kg. Was just a little more grippy through low speed corners.

My tyres are KU36's (almost semi slick).
  Meg'd r27
Mine rub like there's no tomorrow on 205/50 even now that i've had to raise it up still does in some parts. NEVER rubbed on the 195/45/16s back at its lowest
  205 GTI, Clio 182
So can we get a verdict. Are 205/50's good to fit to 2118's on lowered cars? How low? Sportlines springs.

Thinking of going semi slicks in 205/50. Should be serious grip.