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Speedline wheels

I have a set of original speedlines on my 16 valve that the previous owner had polished the centers and rims. they polish up ok but tend to fur up within a few days. i cant put clear laqour on them as i have nothing to key it too. Has anyone any ideas on how to stop the furring please. (apart from having them resprayed).

I cant think of anything!


use some fine grade wet and dry to matt them, then get them laqured.....but they were painted under the laquer anyway.....


you want to keep the polished effect!

if you polish them again on a polishing wheel with the appropriate grade stick, then they shouldnt fuzz up again.
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

I know what u mean Mike, look great for less than 2 days after polishing, but look gruby there after, thats why ive got fffin white alloys mate.