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Speedo Tick

hi all, when driving my speedo has a ticking sound at between 30 and 70 mph, any ideas why or how to fix it?? Cheers peeps!

I get the exact same problem. But I can hear mine from about 15 mph, although its hardly audiable at that speed. But the faster I get the louder and faster the tick gets. I thought it might be connected to the slight wobble on the speedo dial. But after watching it for a bit, i noticed they are not in time. There are more clicks to the wobbles, if you follow. I think, although I have to test this, it gets quiter if you have your heater on. I will test it tommorow if I can.


probally the speedo cable or speedo itself, as its a cable rotating inside a cable its probally catching up somewhere..

I get a tick as well but mines due to the trip calculator under the mileage being stuck on 510 miles!, driving me crazy-will have to try and take it apart to see if i can free it.
  Suzuki SV650

Ive got this ticking noise too, I always think that its coming from the air vent demister things. My speedo wobbles loads at low speeds and evens out at higher speeds. The ticking noise gets noticable at 30mph? It ticks slowly, then gets faster as the car gets faster. Ive had it since Ive had the car (2 and a half years), and it still drives me nuts to this day.

Also though, Ive recently replaced my clocks with 16v ones, so it cant be the speedo unit?
  Suzuki SV650

No BenRs answer seems like the most likely cause. Rip open that dashboard and give that Gremlin some Red Bull every 5k.

Ok ok, maybe Lockys answer is the most realistic. How much is a new speedo cable and is it pretty easy to fit? Would you just need the top bit or a whole new cable?

So the only answer is the following:


Big loud exhaust or crank up the stereo, dround the tick out.


When my mum bought her brand new K plate clio years ago it developed the same problem, she took it back to renault they said replaced the cable three times with no success. Another Renault mystery