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Spoiler Request

  Black Clio 182

could people post up some pics of a clio mk2s spoilers please, need a new one as mine got ripped off my car last nite. thanks people

i reckon your car looks smart without the spioler mate, should save the cash and get it slammed instead, it would make such a difference
  Black Clio 182

im supposed to be buying some 60mm springs off someone on here ??

i will want a new spoiler as i think it looks to plain.
  A well built VW

Learn your lesson matey dont get one that goes on top of another spoiler as some t**ser will try to do the same as your last one , go for a cup or 172 spoiler they are nice and subtle but make all the difference to the car but thats my opinion plus when it comes time to sell put back the original and sell the other
  Black Clio 182

has anyone got a pic of a 172 spoiler then? isnt it the same as the standard base plate but it sticks out a lil bit??

the 172 spoiler is the same as the dynamique spoiler, only colour coded

cup spoiler is a little deeper, with a nice little curve to it

yeah its the double spoiler, couldnt tell you how much it would cost

reno do have the catalogue which has the part numbers in, but i cant remember anything about it :oops:

its scarcely any more noticeable than the standard spoiler, sounds like it would be a complete waste of time and money